How to Apply and Remove Press On Nails?

Press On Nails by TTTB Nails gives you a perfect, non-damaging manicure in seconds for a bit of the salon cost. Use nail glue to wear weeks straight or apply adhesive tabs for a few days show off — you decide. The best part of using adhesive tabs is that you can reuse your fake nails again and again. Can your salon nails do so?

How To Apply Nails?

1) Prep your nails by clipping them and removing any flaky cuticle skin on your nail beds.

2) Before applying glue, use the provided nail file to gently file your nail beds enough to create a rough surface for the glue to adhere to. 

3) You can apply a base coat before adding the glue to ensure a damage-free application.

4) Apply a layer of glue to your natural nail that covers the full nail. Just remember, there's a fine line between applying enough glue and applying too much. With practice, you'll get it down in no time! 

5) Choose the right size press-on for each nail, then add nail glue or nail adhesive tabs.

6) Press down on each nail for at least 30 seconds to ensure a strong bond.

How To Remove Nails?

1) Never pull nails off! And if you’d like to reuse your press-ons, avoid using acetone, which can disturb the design.

2) Soak your press-on nails in hot soapy water for 15 to 20 minutes or until they are loose enough to gently pull off.

3) Lift from under the cuticle and gently peel off nail.

4) If hot soapy water doesn't do the trick, try lifting a corner of your press-on nail and saturate it with rubbing alcohol to help dissolve the adhesive.

5) Once your press-ons are all off, you can remove any excess sticky residue with a cotton ball and a dab of baby oil, or you can use a nail buffer to buff it off.

6) To restore natural nail's moisture, apply hand lotion and give natural nails 1-2 days rest before reapplying.